Minnesota Elder Justice Center Legal Services

Through a new grant from Allianz Life, the Minnesota Elder Justice Center as hired its first full time staff attorney to expand legal services to older and vulnerable adults. This opportunity will allow MEJC to reach a greater number of people while continuing to focus on issues related to victimization. In appropriate cases, we can assist victims in protecting themselves by obtaining a harassment restraining order or an order for protection. In these difficult situations, MEJC is well positioned to take a holistic approach to assisting clients with complex problems.

Restructuring estate documents is a common need in cases of financial exploitation. MEJC can assist in, for example, revoking a financial power of attorney, drafting a will, or a health care directive and appointing a health care agent. Among MEJC’s other legal services, we can represent clients in eviction matters; non-payment issues for individuals receiving medical assistance or waivered services; social security misappropriation; and issues related to guardianship and conservatorship, as tied to circumstances of victimization.

MEJC legal services include technical support and consultation with other professionals working with older and vulnerable adult victims. Although MEJC does not have the capacity to take cases involving complex litigation; an attorney may be able to provide new information and support in addressing your matter. For more information, or to request legal assistance, please contact Sara Green at (651) 440-9305.