COVID-19 Resources

As we see a resurgence in cases of the Delta Variant of COVID-19, MEJC wants to ensure you have access to the COVID-19 resources we gathered.

Access those resources here.

The Minnesota Department of Health has provided guidance to providers and continue to urge vaccinations: “Vaccination remains the most important tool to stop the spread. Breakthrough cases – instances of people who are vaccinated contracting COVID-10 – remain rare, but the chances increase with so much community transmission happening across the country. Once infected, vaccinated people are as capable of spreading the virus as people who are unvaccinated, so it is very important that everyone continue to wear masks when they are working in congregate living settings, regardless of their vaccination status. Vaccination is also the best way to reduce the risks of the virus. So far, 97% of individuals being hospitalized due to COVID-19 are unvaccinated.”


All of MEJC resources are available here.