TYPES OF ABUSE > Emotional Abuse

Emotional abuse is repeated or malicious spoken, written, or gestured language and other treatment that would reasonably be considered disparaging, derogatory, humiliating, harassing, or threatening. On the other side of the picture, subjecting a vulnerable adult to the “silent treatment” is a form of emotional abuse. Minnesota law also prohibits the use of any aversive or deprivation procedure, unreasonable confinement, or involuntary seclusion, including the forced separation of the vulnerable adult from other persons against the will of the vulnerable adult or his/her legal representative.


  • Victim is cut off from other family members, friends or neighbors
  • Caregiver or others in household are verbally aggressive, belittling, shaming or threatening.
  • Uncharacteristic behavior or changes in customary habits
  • Anxiety and depression
  • Regressive or self-destructive behavior