2023 Jane Ochrymowycz Award for Advocacy: Call for Nominations

On December 30, 2011, the Minnesota elder justice community lost a legendary elder justice advocate, Jane Ochrymowycz.  Jane’s legislative advocacy and biography reflect major milestones in elder justice.

These are some of the roles in which her steady voice and presence made a difference for people with disabilities and chronic diseases:  Jane served both as Public Policy Committee Chair and Board Chair of the Alzheimer’s Association, MN-ND, earning the coveted Advocacy Award from the National Association.  She led Minnesota’s Seniors and Workers for Quality Coalition, representing members on multiple advisory boards in the Minnesota Department of Health and the Department of Human Services.  She joined the Vulnerable Adult Justice Project at its inception, advocating for significant reforms to the Vulnerable Adult Act for the last four years of her life.

She had a wide circle of admirers, beloved by her fellow advocates and broadly respected among the stakeholders in vulnerable adult act and long-term care policy.  There were many days when agreements were hard to reach among state agencies, lawmakers, health care providers, labor unions, and advocates for vulnerable adults, but the shared admiration for Jane was never, ever in dispute.

With this award, the Minnesota Elder Justice Center honors advocates whose talent, generosity and spirit embody the characteristics of Jane Ochrymowycz. Please view the full award information and directions to nominate here.  Nominations are due April 21, 2023.