Veteran’s Affairs Caregiver Support & Behavioral Recovery Services

St Cloud Veteran’s Affairs professionals will present VA benefits as provided in their region. Some processes and procedures may vary across locations.

Veterans who meet the basic eligibility requirements gain access to the low-cost or no-cost comprehensive VA health benefits package. This health benefits package includes inpatient hospital care, outpatient services and extended care services to promote, preserve or restore the Veteran’s health. A description of the VA’s health benefits package eligibility requirements can be found in the most current version of the Health Care Benefits Overview book.

The mission of the VA Caregiver Support Program (CSP) is to promote the health and well-being of family caregivers who care for our nation’s Veterans, through education, resources, supportive services and service excellence. CSP offers a wide range of supports to caregivers and aims to empower caregivers in their roles as important members of their Veterans’ treatment teams. Core services include groups and individual coaching and education at both the local facility and national level.

St. Cloud VA also offers extended care and rehabilitation services available to eligible Veterans. Veterans with advancing dementia may present unique behavioral challenges which can be disruptive to their care. The St Cloud VA Health Care System’s Behavioral Recovery Outreach (BRO) Team helps stabilize Veterans with dementia related behaviors through short term, inpatient treatment, and six months of outpatient follow up after discharge. The Team will develop a customized plan of behavioral management, including both non-pharmacological, and pharmacological interventions when appropriate.

BELTSS CE approval MN23-6008


December 15, 2022