Volunteers play a vital role in increasing awareness and providing support for the Minnesota Elder Justice Center. We are preparing to ramp up our volunteering program this summer.  We hope to foster community involvement with issues of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation through four distinct volunteering opportunities.

Here are some of the ways you can volunteer for the MEJC:

Speakers Bureau
Volunteers with the Speakers Bureau will participate in community education programming related to issues of elder abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation by sharing their personal story.  Including a personal experience will aid in understanding and comprehension for participants. Speakers will tell their story to small audience as part of the larger presentation on abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation.  The volunteers can select their own participation dates based on scheduled presentations. Presentations are typically scheduled 1-2 months in advance and vary in start time and audience size.

General Support
General support volunteers perform a variety of miscellaneous support tasks for the Minnesota Elder Justice Center.  Examples of support needed included administrative work such as stuffing envelopes or preparing presentation materials as needed.  These volunteers will also help to complete a variety of other small tasks that typically as they arise. This volunteer role generally will take place within the MEJC office during business hours.

Special Events
Volunteers will assist with tasks during and related to special events such as conferences and fundraisers.  Tasks will include preparing materials prior to event, set-up/tear-down, directing guests and additional roles as needed.  Special events volunteer scheduling will be somewhat sporadic as events arise.

Materials Distribution
Volunteers will distribute materials related to elder abuse and financial exploitation to institutions and organizations within their communities.  Materials will vary from general information for community members to more targeted and specific distribution, such as bringing scam information to area locations that handle wire-transfers. Volunteers may do distribution on their own timeline during any specific public awareness raising campaign.

To speak to someone about volunteering, please contact us at 651-440-9300 or email us.