Center Partners and Collaborative Work

Center Partners

Center Partners is comprised primarily of professionals working with older or vulnerable adults. A group who gather through monthly meetings and ad-hoc working groups, the Center Partners group provides a regular forum to:

  • Identify service gaps in the protection of vulnerable and/or older adults;
  • Identify gaps and flaws in the underlying public policies;
  • Educate public officials about current and emerging issues through presentations/publications;
  • Invite public officials to present data, updates on current policy, and proposals for policy change;
  • Identify issues where additional research is necessary and engage law students in research; and
  • Conduct and cooperate in professional education and public awareness efforts.

Center Partners meetings includes attendance by elder law attorneys, county attorneys, adult protection staff, domestic and sexual violence programs, medical and educational institutions, State agencies, criminal justice advocates, other non-profit associations and more.

Through monthly meetings and ad-hoc working groups facilitated and coordinated by the Minnesota Elder Justice Center, Center Partners provides a monthly for a regular forum of front supervisory, and policy specialists.

For more information about the Center Partners group, please email us.

Monthly Meetings

The monthly meetings are typically held on the second Friday of every month from 2pm-4pm at Mitchell Hamline College of Law. The meetings are geared towards those working in the field. The meetings have a structured format and the agenda is sent out to regular participants prior to the meeting.

In June, in lieu of the monthly meeting, the Center hosts the World Elder Abuse Awareness Day, a full-day event.

For information about upcoming meetings and an archive of past meeting notes, visit our meetings page.

Meetings are typically held at Mitchell Hamline College of Law. Room can change monthly.

Parking is available in the main parking lot, additional parking is available at Summit Avenue and N. Grotto Street.

Working Groups

One key element to fulfilling the mission of the Center is the work done by the Center Partner working groups. The groups are established based on need and generally exist for one-two years.