Get Help

Are you worried that you, a friend or a family member is being taken advantage of, or worse: abused, neglected or exploited? The vast majority of elder abuse, neglect and exploitation happen in the home, by a loved one or caregiver, but abuse does also occur by paid caregivers.

We know how difficult this can be, and we can help. Navigating the system of where to get help for a loved one suffering from abuse can often be confusing and difficult in an already stressful time. We can help provide guidance to help when abuse, neglect or financial exploitation is suspected is available.

Abuse and exploitation can appear in different ways, including:


  • Your sister is spending your mother’s money on things that are of no benefit to your mother.
  • Your aunt been isolated from the rest of your family by her son, with limited access to outside family members or friends.
  • Your friend at church spoke of wiring money to a stranger who called and said it was needed to help a grandson or loved one.
  • You are worried your loved one is being neglected by a paid caregiver.

Elder and vulnerable adult abuse are complex and can happen to anyone – we are here to help. Call us at 651-440-9300 with your questions!  If the situation is an emergency please call 911 or your local law enforcement.