Opportunity to Join the MEJC Board of Directors

The Minnesota Elder Justice Center is seeking to add members to its Board of Directors. We are accepting applications until March 27, 2020 for up to 3 board positions. Founded in 2014, the Minnesota Elder Justice Center (MEJC) is a statewide organization working to mobilize communities to prevent and alleviate abuse, neglect, and financial exploitation of older and vulnerable adults. With an office located in St. Paul, our staff of seven work across Minnesota to advance elder justice issues.

Our Values:
Integrity – We practice intellectual rigor and ethical behavior, transparency, staying true to mission and accountability to our many diverse stakeholders.
Openhearted Collaboration – We are committed to being inclusive in creating and participating in partnerships that improve the lives of Minnesota’s older adults and vulnerable adults.
Innovation – We are a learning organization that is willing to question the status quo, create alternative solutions and strategies and take risks in order to achieve our mission.
Responsive Service – We are focused on the well-being of older adults and vulnerable adults and to ensure that we are respectful, relevant and responsive.
Excellence – We are committed, knowledgeable, curious, and creative in all our work.

For more details about our history, and principles that guide our work, please see www.elderjusticemn.org

Our current Board of Directors is comprised of 11 individuals who are committed to the Minnesota Elder Justice Center’s mission, vision and values, as well as perspectives from a variety of professional and personal backgrounds that advance our elder justice work. Please see our website for our current membership – www.elderjusticemn.org.

We have a particular interest in candidates who bring a background in criminal justice systems, gerontology, or financial services, along with a commitment to aging and elder justice work. Persons of color, Native and LGBTQ persons with interests in aging and elder justice work are also strongly encouraged to consider joining our board, as the Minnesota Elder Justice Center is committed to diversity and cultural humility in an effort to move toward cultural competency in all levels of our work. We are also specifically seeking board members who live and work in Greater Minnesota.

Direct Victim Services
We provide support and advocacy to older and vulnerable victims of abuse, and their families. Our services also include support groups, assistance to others who work with older adults, and limited legal representation to victims.

Prevention & Outreach
We provide statewide public awareness and education opportunities to the public so they can be informed, help those around them, and build communities that do not tolerate abuse against older and vulnerable adults. We partner with researchers to provide accurate, relevant and up-to-date strategies to prevent abuse.

Professional Education & Training
We provide entry-level and advanced training to individuals and institutions who work with older and vulnerable adults. Our audiences include social services, the legal community, health care, financial institutions, and others. We also provide specialized 8-hour trainings for law enforcement and criminal justice professionals.

Public Policy & Systems Change
We advocate for policy initiatives that benefit older and vulnerable victims of abuse, prevent abuse, and hold perpetrators accountable. We work with county and community teams to support a coordinated response to elder abuse. We coordinate a forum – Minnesota Elder Justice Center Partners – for learning, discussion and recommendations to strengthen systems to protect older and vulnerable adults.

The Minnesota Elder Justice Center Board of Director’s meets monthly, in person, in St. Paul. Members are also able to participate remotely if they cannot attend in person. Each board member is expected to also serve on one subcommittee of their choice – Finance, Governance, or Policy Cabinet.

Each board member shall make a meaningful time commitment to engage in Minnesota Elder Justice Center (“Center”) meetings and events for a term of three years, up to three terms.  Board members bring their knowledge, preparation, and an inclusive perspective to the task of informed decision-making.

Each board member has a legal obligation to act in the best interest of the MEJC (fiduciary duty). The Board of Directors is collectively accountable to the community, funders and other stakeholders. They are accountable for the MEJC’s performance aligned with its mission and strategic objectives and for the effective stewardship of financial and human resources. Board members will promote a culture where ethical, legal, or program compliance concerns can be raised freely and addressed without fear of retaliation.

To learn more, please contact Sue Gray, Board Chair, at sueagray@gmail.com or Amanda Vickstrom, Executive Director at amanda.vickstrom@elderjusticemn.org. We are accepting inquiries and applications for up to 3 board member positions through March 27, 2020.